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Thesis on human resources motivation

More and more attention is being paid to motivational aspects of human personality, particularly the need for self-esteem, group belonging, and self-actualization. 3-Thesis on human resources motivation motion, classes, methods, and functions.

Contemporary topics vary addressing social, scientific, and ethical issues of information technology. Introduces cyber security topics including hacking, social networking, privacy, cryptography, legal aspects, social implications, password management, digital forensics, computer networking, wireless security, and ethical issues. Focuses on various methods and techniques to address cyber security threats. Introduces programming concepts within social, mathematical, and technological context. A computer language used in engineering practice is used for instruction. Transition from basic programming skills to a rigorous process of software development. Emphasizes connection between algorithmic thought and implementation.

Prerequisite: a minimum grade of 2. Introduces programming concepts within social, cultural, scientific, mathematical, and technological context. 7 in CSS 161, CSS 142, or CSE 142. Fundamental concepts and techniques for analysis, design and implementation of computer programming. Supervised exploration of computing-related topic or concept.

Exploration of computing research activities and processes as specified in a contract with a faculty member. Develop effective academic strategies for women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Explores the representation of women in STEM as they are portrayed in literature and film. Discusses issues if STEM and gender including: mentors and support groups, social issues, role models and stereotyping, and earning respect. Exploration and discussion of issues related to the development, support, and usage of computing technology in today’s society. Topics vary each quarter but may include coverage of areas such as intellectual property rights, cybersecurity, privacy, freedom of speech, liability, ethics, social justice, diversity, and labor. Examination of the basic physics and chemistry underlying the design and manufacture of computer components.

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