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Terrorism thesis statement

This site documents many questionable actions on the part of CAIR, but the unifying concept is that CAIR is acting as a foreign agent. We have established this education center as a common library for all relevant public and open-source documentation on CAIR. It will serve as a central clearing house for years of accumulated research conducted by non-profit research centers as well terrorism thesis statement Department of Justice prosecutors and the media.

This will enable independent researchers to explore these documents more deeply and to communicate, collaborate, and share their analysis with the greater research community. CAIR is not alone in representing the interests of the Muslim Brotherhood in America. Center for Security Policy Letter Campaign View all letters at the Center for Security Policy Letter Campaign page. Foreign Funding CAIR qualifies under FARA as a foreign agent in part because it has taken cash, loans, pledges of donations and real property from foreign principals.

View all source documents at the Foreign Funding Transactions page. Meetings and Coordination CAIR has acted as a foreign agent of several Middle Eastern countries. View all source documents at the Meetings and Coordination page. Influence Operations CAIR has consistently acted in its role as a foreign agent to influence agencies and officials of the United States government. View all source documents at the Influence Operations page. Each year the OAS Secretary General publishes a proposed Program-Budget for the coming calendar year. The OAS General Assembly meets in a Special Session to approve the Program-Budget.

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