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Teaching research papers high school

AYP From The Man Who Wrote the Book on Brain-Based Learning. If your students come from poverty, you have unique learning, social and behavior challenges. We know the human brain is just as vulnerable to negative factors as it is receptive teaching research papers high school positive factors.

I’d like to show you how. I would like to share how you can get in-depth training for yourself or your staff. None of the kids had parents with ANY college education. But the school is listed every year in U. 4-year universities like UCLA, Dartmouth, Yale, Columbia and Stanford.

And the school does this year after year after year after year! A Special Invitation To Perhaps The Most Important Educator Workshop Of 2018. There is an element that the education community is powerless to control — Poverty. In the past two years, the rate of poverty has grown at an alarming rate and now even traditional middle-class schools are feeling the pressure that comes with the stress of poverty.

It’s easy to look at the statistics and just give up. I’m here to give you some good news. I have worked at several of them to discover what are they doing that is working. I have done my homework and I have isolated the factors that matter most. Although it was exciting to find these factors, what was more exciting was to visit the schools that were succeeding with kids from poverty. I can name the names and share the schools that would knock your socks off. The special report above is a first step.

I want you to get something tangible that will prove that I’m dead serious about improving achievement. Please let me also introduce myself. 24 other books on the brain and learning. But my real passion has been helping students from poverty. In fact, it’s the subject of my doctoral dissertation. What my research uncovered are highly effective factors that turn out to be of critical value when applied a specific way. I have verified these strategies by working with some of America’s greatest Title 1 and Title II schools.

Now, I’m making this research and the practical strategies that go with it, available to you. I have seen my share of miracles, and I’m sold on the capacity for change. Now You Can Get Success with Kids From Poverty. Read Carefully to Find Out How You Can Now Get Access to a Highly Engaging, World-Class Staff Developer Who Blends Cutting- Edge Research, with School-Tested Strategies that Every Staff Can Use Immediately! I actually have a list of schools that are doing this TODAY. If your school’s not on it, isn’t it time you were?

There are three ways you can get help. Start with a book to get some background. Teaching with the Brain in Mind. It’ll start you up with the background you need. The amazing success-builder workshop is a one-of-a-kind opportunity. Attend the powerful workshop that’s rocking the educational world.

I may be the right person for your upcoming professional development event, to bring your school closer to success with kids from poverty. Most likely, as a school leader, you too, already know the concepts. I have discovered what REALLY matters and what doesn’t. And now, I’ve put these special factors into an easily digested, highly engaging, classroom-practical, research-based, 3-day event. Give them the time to implement the practical strategies.

I have experienced brain-based success like few others. You can get effective staff development, in fact, nearly instant staff development with tools for engagement every staff can use. I wouldn’t know where to begin. As a matter of fact, today I was voted Teacher of the Year for Sawtooth Middle School.

I look forward everyday to engaging my students in the learning process. I honor you and your dedication to providing teachers with the best and latest brain researched strategies to engage all learners of any age or skill level. Now, start imagining the new possibilities: your school is succeeding and you feel the joy that comes with being recognized as a National Blue Ribbon School. You are about to hear your kids talk about how much they love school.

Yes, you can learn how to boost attendance, exceed AYP, and turn your school into an amazing, high-performance, blue ribbon success story! It’s a message of hope for all students! Join us for an engaging, fast-moving, results-oriented program that’s the only one of its kind. You can learn to change your teaching and school environment in ways that successfully reach students of poverty.

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