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Summer reading book reports

Focused read-alouds can be a valuable method for scaffolding genre knowledge. My second graders love information books, because they are interested in the topics and like to read facts. I regularly introduce a range of informational books during science units. We explore books, write book reports, and construct projects, but my students have never had the summer reading book reports to create their very own information books from scratch.

Strickland began when Linda was supervising preservice teachers at Winterville Elementary School, which serves lower to middle class students with diverse backgrounds and has experienced teachers who are enthusiastic about working with the local university. We begin with a brief overview of the information book genre, followed by examples of students’ information book compositions. Strickland’s class had previously written responses to information texts in science and simple one-page informational reports of facts, these students had not had the opportunity to write more extended informational texts on their own. Information books in classrooms Over the past 10 years, interest in information book use acros s elementary-grade levels has grown. Weather Words and What They Mean. These types of books include certain elements and features. Assessing students’ first information books Blank books were used to encourage students to demonstrate their knowledge about a topic of interest and a typical information book’s format, elements, and features.

Because our focus was on the use of genre knowledge, we asked students to write on familiar topics. We wanted to see their growth in use of genre knowledge following the fairly easy addition of focused information book read-alouds to a science unit. The weather changes from day to day. Weather words explain what the weather is like outside.

Descriptive attributes describe characteristics of the topic. Clouds come in all shapes and sizes. There are three main kinds of clouds. Earth is the planet we live on.

When water evaporates from rivers, lakes and oceans, it is called vapor. It moves up with the warm air and forms little drops of water or ice crystals. Comparisons compare and contrast different types of the topic. Rain comes down in different ways. Drizzle is when raindrops are very small. A shower is a brief rainfall.

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