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Six sections of a scientific research paper

Type or paste a DOI name into the text box. The values obtained from distinct experimental trials are said to be ‘commensurate’ if they are obtained according to the same reproducible experimental description six sections of a scientific research paper procedure.

The first to stress the importance of reproducibility in science was the Irish chemist Robert Boyle, in England in the 17th century. Boyle’s air pump was designed to generate and study vacuum, which at the time was a very controversial concept. The air pump, which in the 17th century was a complicated and expensive apparatus to build, also led to one of the first documented disputes over the reproducibility of a particular scientific phenomenon. Reproducibility is one component of the precision of a measurement or test method.

Both repeatability and reproducibility are usually reported as a standard deviation. Reproducibility is determined from controlled interlaboratory test programs or a measurement systems analysis. Although they are often confused, there is an important distinction between replicates and an independent repetition of an experiment. Replicates are performed within an experiment.

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