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Personal statement engineering management

Ten years ago I would have never imagined myself writing this letter, personal statement engineering management to the completely different ideology that I had before. What has paved my way so far is the determination to face the adversity. I would say that my first experience with management was in my youth: wanting to buy a skateboard that I did not have the money for.

So, I used my ability to draw cartoons to raise money. One of the biggest challenges in my life was trying to enter in a public university. University had a strong impact in my hopes and dreams. At First, the experience of living by myself in a new city without the support of my family was overwhelming. Shocking to me was the facts that now, unlike in high school, the students were expected to learn things on their own.

Most of my classmate had failed in calculus in the first semester. My trip to California, USA, gave me the chance to meet and know other people from different continents and cultures. During my stay, I was able to understand the different lifestyles and it made me a more open-minded person. In a short time I made friends who became like brothers to me, helping me to realize the true value of friendship and to learn unforgettable things. Innovation course have helped me to develop what I did not learn at University. At my internship I have acquired better analytical and organizational skills to deal with company problems, which I am sure, will be useful for this Master.

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