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Penn state thesis calendar

Bryant joined the department in 2009 after receiving his Ph. As a first-generation college student, he attended Berea Penn state thesis calendar in Kentucky and completed his undergraduate work in 2002. His mathematical interests are in commutative algebra and data science. He also enjoys running a math circle for 4th and 5th graders with his wife, Sarah.

Choi was born and raised in Korea. She went to Busan National University, Korea for her B. Then, she came to the states for her Ph. She has been working at Shippensburg University since 2002.

She likes nature and art, and she believes in humanism. After studying mathematics and computer science at his hometown college, University of Alabama at Huntsville, Dr. Ensley moved to Pittsburgh and completed his Ph. Carnegie Melon University, studying discrete mathematics and mathematical logic.

He has been a member of the Ship Math faculty since 1993. Ensley’s professional interests lie largely in the development of mathematics curriculum and the use of technology in teaching mathematics. With humble beginnings as a college dropout at the age of 18, Dr. Gochenaur returned to school at the age of 32 when her youngest child was in kindergarten, graduating with her Ph.

Mathematics from Penn State Harrisburg and a M. After spending several years teaching high school, and four years teaching at a private college,┬áDr. Hamblin received his undergraduate degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from Cornell University, and his Ph. Mathematics from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. He has been a member of the Mathematics Department since 2002. He is the author of Math for Liberal Studies, a textbook for a general education mathematics course. His professional interests include group theory, numerical semigroups, and the use of technology in mathematics education.

After graduate study in mathematics at UCLA and U. Kennedy ventured into the field of mathematics education, earning his Ed. He is a frequent presenter at national and regional conferences, specializing in rich tasks and games of strategy. Kennedy recently earned his 4th and 3rd Category Titles in class from the US Chess Federation, and achieved an international rating while leading a Chess Club trip to Hungary.

She returned to the northeast in 2000 when she joined the faculty at Shippensburg. Her current interests involve probability and statistics and when she’s not teaching she enjoys cooking and traveling. She is a first-generation college student who earned her B. Mathematical Statistics from the University of South Carolina in 1982, she became an assistant professor of Statistics at Virginia Tech. When her husband completed his Ph.

S in Applied Mathematics with a Specialization in Computing from the University of California, Los Angeles and a M. Computational and Applied Mathematics from Rice University. He joined the Ship Math Department in the fall 2008. Presser’s current research is in the field of Ergodic Theory building upon the work in her Master’s thesis.

Temple University and joined the Ship math department in 2002. Wake Forest University in 1994 and 1996. His mathematical interests include number theory and combinatorics. Taylor grew up in western Canada and received his B. Mathematics from the University of Saskatchewan. His current professional interests lie in mathematical modeling and developing the actuarial sciences program at Shippensburg.

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