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Non fiction writing

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Fiction is not true and non-fiction is true. This is the simplest way of defining fiction and non-fiction. Non-fiction involves real things, real people, real events, real places and real writing. However, fiction is just imaginary things, imaginary people, imaginary events, imaginary places and imaginary writing. While a writer based on his imagination creates Fiction, non-fiction is not created but only written based on facts. While Non-fiction focuses on ideas or events that actually took place, fiction tends to be focussing on imaginary ideas and events. Coming to the characters, non-fiction deals with real people and fiction only creates characters.

If some thing is said to have happened in real places, whether in the past or present, then it is non-fiction. But if something is said to have taken place in a fake place, then it is fiction. A big difference is that fictions are made up stories and Non-fictions are entirely fact-based writings. Fictions are just entertainers and on the other hand non-fictions are informative. Autobiography, history books and journals are examples of non-fictions.

Novels, short stories, films are all fictions. Fiction is made out of nothing and on the other hand non-fiction comes out of something. A fiction writer intends to make the audience believe that the whole things, which they read, or view, are occurring. But a non-fiction writer cannot indulge in such a thing. Fiction writers create stories without any commitment to their readers. They only elaborate on their ideas and views.

A non-fiction writer cannot pour out his own imaginations. Non-fiction can be called as a prosaic piece of literature, which talks about various topics, which are relevant for every one. Fiction on the other hand elucidates on our imagination. When Fiction is more symbolic, non-fiction is straightforward, fiction is artificial as it is created from one’s own imagination. Non-fiction is natural as it deals with events that had actually taken place. Fiction is a reflection of the writer’s imagination.

Meanwhile, non-fiction is a recollection of facts. A fiction writer can run his imagination free where as non-fiction writer cannot. Simplicity, directness and clarity are most important in non-fiction works. While a fiction leaves the imagination to audience or readers and they can have their own interpretations. Fictions are made up stories and Non-fictions are entirely fact-based writings. Difference Between Fiction and Non fiction.

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