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Medical testing on animals is immoral essay

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For the first time, researchers have cryonically frozen a whole mammalian brain and recovered it in near-perfect condition, with the cell membranes, synapses, and intracellular structures all intact. David visits Alcor Life Extension Foundation where CEO Max More explains that the team’s aim is to give people a second chance at life. The Alcor FAQ is the best introduction to cryonics. Alcor maintains a list of the best journal articles that support cryonics. To sign up, read the Alcor Membership page and follow the instructions. If you’re not quite ready to sign up, become an Associate Member.

Today’s medical technology can’t always keep us alive, let alone healthy. If the patient is a mentally competent adult, he has the legal right to accept or refuse any form of treatment, and his wishes must be recognized and honored by his physician. American College of Physicians Ethics Manual. Part II: Research, Other Ethical Issues. I, along with all of humanity, am terminally ill. I plan to treat this condition by cryopreservation when the symptoms of my progressive and otherwise untreatable illness become more severe.

No hospital or physician will provide this service in the usual manner. I do not have the option of cryopreservation within the regular medical setting. Alcor provides cryopreservation services, but has been forced, against my wishes, to perform this service only after I have been declared “legally dead”. The medical profession attempts to force this upon me by declaring me “dead” at a point in time when my ability to dispute their claim is limited. However, their unilateral declaration that I am “dead” will be against my wishes, against a body of my written publications extending over decades, and against my publicly declared and publicly stated better judgment.

The law should accept the right of such patients to be cryopreserved at a time and place and under circumstances of their own choosing. Cryopreserved patients should be legally recognized as having appropriate rights, including the right to remain cryopreserved, the right to be revived if and when this becomes possible, and the right to own such property in trust as they or others might designate. Those who wish to deprive the terminally ill of the right to be cryopreserved in the manner they desire must, at the very least, prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that cryonics does not work. The terminally ill deserve at least the rights of accused murderers. Given the abundant evidence supporting cryonics, finding such proof will be very difficult. Those who argue against the rights of the terminally ill and the cryopreserved should be called cryonics deniers. They say it won’t work, but offer no evidence in support of their claim.

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