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Life lessons narrative essay

III of Basic Education Writing By Dr. The Controlled-to-Free Approach In the 1950s and early 1960, the audio-lingual method dominated second-language learning This method emphasized speech and writing served to achieve mastery of grammatical and syntactic forms. Traditionally, the teacher alone has been the audience life lessons narrative essay student writing.

But some feel that writers do their best when writing is truly a communicative act, with a writer writing for a real reader. As such, the readership may be extended to classmate and pen pals. The Process Approach Recently, the teaching of writing has moved away from a concentration on written product to an emphasis on the process of writing. In this approach, students are trained to generate ideas for writing, think of the purpose and audience, write multiple drafts in order to present written products that communicate their own ideas.

Teachers who use this approach give students time to tray ideas and feedback on the content of what they write in their drafts. As such, writing becomes a process of discovery for the students as they discover new ideas and new language forms to express them. Model Activities Activity 1: Simple Description with Visuals. Have students examine a picture and ask them to name the objects in it.

Then ask students to write a paragraph to describe the picture. Mary lives in a very nice room. Function Words Give students a picture and have them complete a description by supplying the prepositions and expressions required by the context. She has a very nice desk where she prepares her work for school. Activity 4: Writing a Description from Questions.

Have students examine a picture and use a set of questions as a guide to write a short description of the picture. Examine the picture in Activity 1 and write a description of it, using the questions below as guide lines. Does Mary have a nice room? What kind of things does she have in the room? Describe your room in a few sentences.

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