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Kids writing book reviews

We’re Very Flattered But Please Stop Copying this Site. Children will learn about book reviews, research authors kids writing book reviews the Web, then write, edit, publish, and share book reviews of their own. This project enables the children to see what others are writing about books, modeling the format that they will need to follow.

This project meets many standards for English Language Arts, and can be adapted for a variety of grade levels. It can also be completed in a “one-computer classroom! Altagracia Torres has been teaching for four years. She currently teaches third grade at P. She helped todevelop a girls club in the after-school program. Altagracia is an alumna of the school and feels a great attachment to the community, and the children. She has an undergraduate degree in Early Childhood Education and is pursuing a Masters in Literacy Acquisition.

Time: 6-8 class periods, depending on number of computers for students to use. Become familiar with different formats used in book reviews. Use the Internet to gather information to be presented in charts and writing. Learn how to search, save, and add pictures to their book reviews. Write, edit, and publish a book review for an audience.

Title: What’s In A Book Review? Aim: To become familiar with different formats used in book reviews. To develop a class web of different things that students can include in their own book reviews. Ask children what they might know about book reviews. Record their responses on the web. Show children a book review on the overhead transparency from the back of a book. A collection of book reviews can be made by having great book reviews found in newspapers, magazines etc.

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