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Good thesis statement on lowering the drinking age

18 one is considered an adult and must be given all the adult privileges along with the right to drink. Ever since the drinking age was set at 21, there has been controversy. There has good thesis statement on lowering the drinking age a lot of disagreement when it comes to the legal drinking age in the US.

When it comes to legal perspectives, there is always estimation, some are for it and some are against. Legal drinking age varies by country. Let’s see some of the reasons as to why we think the legal drinking age in US should be 18 and not 21. An 18 year vintage in US has the right to ballot, and assist in the military. It is generally said that an 18 year vintage has less tolerance as in evaluation to a 21 year old.

Although this might be factual, in most situations you don’t actually understand how much you can handle as long as you trial it out. The curiousness directs to more persons under the age of 21 consuming anyway. Countries for example Italy, China, Greece are some of the nations where the lawful consuming age is smaller and they appear to have less alcohol associated problems. Current regulation in periods of lawful consuming age has initiated more alcohol associated killings than there has ever been. When in school most scholars under the age of 21 can get contain of drink through their seniors.

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