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I brooded by the hour together over the map, . I climbed a thousand times to that tall hill they call the Spy-glass, and from the top enjoyed the most wonderful and changing prospects. Sometimes the isle was thick with savages, with whom we fought, sometimes full of dangerous animals that hunted us, but in all my fancies nothing occurred to me so strange and tragic familiar essayist our actual adventures.

These novels were only the two or three of his soul’s adventures that he happened to tell. But he died with a thousand stories in his heart. I had set before me, I regarded and hid them with an almost morbid sense of shame. It was thus rather the exacting nature of my aspirations than any particular degradation in my faults, that made me what I was, and, with even a deeper trench than in the majority of men, severed in me those provinces of good and ill which divide and compound man’s dual nature. Louis attended Edinburgh Academy before entering the University of Edinburgh with the intent of following in his father and grandfather’s footsteps, but it was an occupation he was physically ill-suited for.

He next studied law but decided ultimately to become a writer. Illness often curtailed his studies and throughout his life he travelled to warmer climes for respite. Louis and Fanny were re-united, Osbourne having been newly granted a divorce. In May 1880 they were married. Stevenson was buoyed up, spiritualized, encouraged and given strength by his marriage,.

He loved her children as his own, and they reciprocated the affection in a way that embalms their names in amber forevermore. I was now escaped out of the shadow of the Roman empire, under whose toppling monuments we were all cradled, whose laws and letters are on every hand of us, constraining and preventing. I was now to see what men might be whose fathers had never studied Virgil, had never been conquered by Caesar, and never been ruled by the wisdom of Gaius or Papinian. Dig the grave and let me lie. And I laid me down with a will. Here he lies where he longed to be. And the hunter home from the hill.

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