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Saskatchewan is situated essays abortion introduction the central Prairie between Alberta on the west and Manitoba on the east. Its neighbour on the north is the North West Territories, and on the south it borders with the United States. Canadian province none of whose borders was determined by the landform feature like river or mountain range.

The province is located in the Central Standard Time and doesn’t switch on Daylight Saving Time in summer. The population of Saskatchewan is around one million people with the area of 651 900 km2. The northeastern part of Saskatchewan is a part of the Canadian Shield that was formed during Precambrian era and features some of the oldest rocks in the world. The border that separates the Canadian Shield from the rest of the province runs across Saskatchewan from south-east to north-west. This part of the province was formed during Precambrian era and contains igneous and metamorphic rocks. The rest of the province, except for the extreme southwest which is occupied by the Hills, is situated on the Saskatchewan Plain which is a part of the Interior Plains that are, in turn, part of the Great Plains of North America.

This part was formed under water when the mountains of the Canadian Shield eroded and deposited on the bottom of the shallow seas that it was surrounded by. The process was completed during the Mesozoic era. The major landform feature of the province is the escarpment created by erosion that separates Saskatchewan Plain from Alberta Plain and Manitoba Plain. Except for the Cypress Hills near the U. Saskatchewan is the province of gently rolling rounded hills. Saskatchewan is a part of the two climatic regions: Prairie on the south and Boreal on the north.

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