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Do deserve award essay

Below is an essay on “Why I Deserve a Scholarship” from Anti Essays, do deserve award essay source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. I believe that I am deserving of this scholarship because I put forth a lot of effort into everything that I do.

I do my best in any and everything. When I set goals for myself, I do everything in my power to achieve them and if I happen to fall short of my goal then I pride myself in knowing that I did my best. My goals in life are often extremely high. Even if you miss you will land among the stars. A second reason why I believe I am worthy of this scholarship is that the career path I have chosen takes a lot of time and money.

I want to become an anesthesiologist, and it will be tough for me to obtain this goal without the help of scholarships. College in itself is expensive, plus the extra time that it will take to become an anesthesiologist will add up to a great amount. However, I am determined to achieve this goal no matter how long it might take. Another reason why I feel I deserve this scholarship is because I have participated in many extracurricular activities in high school.

I have been a member of the dance team for two years. During this time, I have helped raise money for the auxiliary and the band by participating in car washes, Jr. After football season is over, I play my clarinet in concert band. I am also a member of the LEO club, FCCLA, and the secretary of the SADD club. The fourth reason I feel that I am deserving of this scholarship is because I have been a part of many volunteer activities.

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