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Creative writing topics for 5th graders

Oh my goodness – how I Creative writing topics for 5th graders spring break! I needed to finish a couple of projects I’ve been working on.

I’ve been working on a Canadian Lapbook Project. My class LOVES making lapbooks in our science units, so I thought I’d create one for Social Studies. Provinces and Territories is actually taught in grade 4 in my province, but it’s a unit I always review in my class at the beginning of the year because it’s SO important to me that the students know all about their country. I decided to create a similar one for the United States. I quickly realized that with 50 states, this was going to be a MUCH bigger lapbook. Students will study the state abbreviations, capital cities, state population, date it entered the union, imports and exports, and major lakes and rivers. To celebrate Spring Break, I’m going to giveaway FIVE of these resources.

Just leave a comment below stating which one you could use and I’ll use the random number generator to choose 5 different names tomorrow. Check back tomorrow evening to see the winners. The American lap book would work well for me at the beginning of the year! I would love to use the american lapbook with my 4th graders!

The American one would be most useful! I would love to win the Canada Lap Book! We already completed the Regions of the US. I would use the Canadian lapbook! I have taugt grade 4 before and I think it would be very useful, but I would also like to do a review at the beginning of the year, as you mentioned.

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