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Book report projects for fifth grade

Braille, a system of raised dots, is the primary literacy medium for people who are blind, deafblind, or have severe low vision. NEWS ICEB newsletter ICEB has launched a quarterly newsletter with up-to-date stories on ICEB activities, and braille news and events from around the world. Further issues and a link to automatically book report projects for fifth grade the newsletter when it is released are available on the Braille Promotion page.

UEB updates Updates to Unified English Braille, as addendums to the Rules of Unified English Braille and the Guidelines for Technical Material, are given on the UEB page. These updates are approved for immediate use. Survey on international use of UEB ICEB is eager to know more about the use of UEB in non-member countries. If you can provide information, please complete our survey at www.

Face-to-face meetings The executive of the ICEB meets face-to-face once every two years, at the start and end of the General Assembly and at a two year interval between Assemblies. The most recent meeting was a mid-term Executive meeting held in Dublin, Ireland from Tuesday 17th to Saturday 21st of April. The 7th General Assembly of ICEB will be held in London from 11 to 15 May, 2020. Braille Signage The ICEB signage committee has completed its work.

A summary of signage standards and practices in ICEB member countries is now available on our signage page. Braille Music ICEB’s Braille Music Committee has compiled a list of resources on how Braille Music and UEB can be used together. Survey on UEB representation of apostrophes and quotation marks We have now closed our survey on UEB symbols used to represent apostrophes and quotation marks. There were ten responders from non-ICEB countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. Option 3, using dot 3 for all single quotes and apostrophes, and lower “h” and lower “j” for double quotes. There was not a clear favourite between the two preferred options.

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