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Book report on the hunger games book 1

Be the first to share with friends! How many have you read this past year? What do you think is causing book report on the hunger games book 1 people to read? MORE BOOKS: Is just more books in print?

MORE SHARING: Is it the proliferation of communication mediums like the internet where we can share our thoughts on books on forums and Facebook? MORE BLOCKBUSTERS: Is it the popularity of  big series like Harry Potter and Hunger Games? Who is Doing all the Reading? Reading Books One interesting reading statistic is that those who frequently watch movies tend to also read more books. Watch a Lot of Movies makes you read Less, or More? At first, this may seem counter intuitive since people often bemoan how nobody reads books anymore but rather just watch tv and movies. Yet perhaps the stronger correlation lies in a person’s desire to get lost in a story.

Both mediums does provide that avenue in which someone can get pulled into a whole different world. Why do you think there is a correlation of movie watching and book reading? How do People Find New Books to Read? Not much has changed from 1999 to 2005. I personally rely heavily on User Reviews found on Amazon or in my case on Audible since I tend to go to Audiobook route.

Got to be productive on commutes! Use an e-Book Reader like Kindle or the Nook? What do you think about these stastistics? Why do you think more people read now then before? How Many Books do You Read a Month?

2-3 – Whenever I get a chance. I read like there is no tomorrow! Americans were reading a book or a novel according to Gallup Poll? This means one if every two Americans are actively reading a book. It’s good to know the spirit of reading books is alive and kicking. I love books and can’t image life without them. Hopefully as more people read, we’ll get some more votes.

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