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Bad effects of junk food essay

Eating junk food can have a significant impact on one’s health. Though many people enjoy eating junk food and think it tastes great. The term “bad effects of junk food essay food” typically refers to foods that are relatively high in caloric content, but low in nutritional value. Junk food is often high in sugar, salt, white flour, and fat.

The apparent effect of junk food can lead to obesity and a range of attendant health problems, including diabetes, heart disease and arthritis. The main reason is the absence of fiber, high amount of high-fat calories and low quality cholesterol. Which may cause obesity as well as increase risks of heart diseases. The current issue of junk food consumption and the overall obesity battle worldwide continues to expand rapidly.

Ashton Taylor Shaelynn Trejo March 6, 2014 Intro to Health Care Sugar and Junk Food’s Effect on the Body In the United States today, more than two-thirds of adults are obese, and in children ages two to five years old about a quarter of them are obese. Hopefully this would change the life of others. Fast food still a major part in our society Since 1970, the amount of fast food restaurants in business doubled, which equates to about 300,000 establishments in the United States. A journey to a thousand pounds begins with a single burger. And this saying doesn’t just apply to a burger, but to all foods similar to it — and we know that these foods are the well-known junk foods. Not Finding What You’re Looking For?

Discover great essay examples and research papers for your assignments. 2 Reasons junk food has become popular. 4 Junk food causes health effects in Australia. The purpose of this report was to present the definition of junk food and how junk food advertising has recently become an important issue around the world which began to concern governments, health authorities and families in every country, especially in Australia . Media can be defined by the Materials that hold data in any form to people, including television, radio, and newspapers . TV advertisements which have started concerning many civil societies.

These advertisements promote for many products such as junk food. In addition, junk food advertisements have increased over the past few years and played an important part in everyone’s lifestyle. There are different reasons behind spread of junk food. The first reason relates to get or to prepare junk food is easy. For example, both parents spend a long period of time at works. This leads them unable to manage their time to perform the household such as cooking.

2006 the top reasons for junk food popularity are as can be seen in the figure 2. Another reason for spreading junk food is that the TV commercials are very influenced to attract people to have their products such as junk food. Firstly, junk food companies use the media to seem a product is healthy and benefit to the body. Also, they are promoting the junk food consumption in children. Junk food advertising is often focused at children. These advertising often employ popular children’s movies to encourage children to eat junk food. Moreover, as it has been known at these days junk food companies offer free toy to encourage children to purchase the products.

Another focus of junk food advertising is aimed at teenagers. These advertising often include characters that are very popular, attractive and cool to attract them. In these advertising celebrities are often used, and are appearing more frequently. In addition, many advertisements capitalize on the popularity of current advertising, styles and trends. In this section of the report will discuss the health effects of junk food. Firstly, the familiar effect regards overweigh.

Australia is facing calls to pay attention to health risks because it is one of highest rate of obesity around the world. Medicinal, people who are over overweight have higher rates of death and illness than people of healthy weight. Junk foods have been identified as a major cause of heart diseases. The high levels of unhealthy ingredients in junk food such as fat and sodium can contribute to heart disease by raising blood cholesterol levels and contributing to damage arterial. Additionally, most of the junk food meals contain high amount of sodium that increases and aggravates the risks of high blood pressure. As it has presented in this essay that effects of junk food actually leads to focus on advertising, which is the main reason for spreading junk food in Australia especially among children.

First, Australia has the highest number of junk food advertisings shown on television than any other country in the world. Junk food advertisements have totally increased over the past few years. These advertisements have affected in the way that people choose their food, especially for children who have registered the highest rates of obesity and overweight. Therefore, as mentioned before that many countries decided to ban all junk food advertisement such as Canada.

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