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A2 level media coursework

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Coaches are given an advanced, in-depth education in one event group of their choosing and are taught the science behind the sport through advanced sport science concepts and training principles. The USATF Level 2 Program is wrapped into an intense four day course that includes sports science instruction and exams covering biomechanics, physiology, skill acquisition and training theory for all first time participants. Once a coach has applied and is accepted into the course, they are permitted access to the online sports science classroom to complete pre-requisite coursework prior to arrival. Earn up to 4 CEUs by earning Level 2 certification! Coach athletes in event-specific areas applying advanced sport science concepts and training principles. Analyze and evaluate event-specific performances and recommend ways to improve progress towards athletes’ goals.

Design periodized training programs based on the evaluation of individual performances and needs in light of event specific demands. Utilize effective instructional methods and feedback to improve the athlete’s performance. Develop a coaching philosophy that reflects ethical standards and codes of conduct to promote safe sport practices and athlete well being. Plan and implement mental and physical strategies that promote healthy lifestyles, safety, and injury prevention in practice and competition. Solve organizational, legal, and financial issues encountered in the administration of track and field.

The Youth Specialization discipline is designed to address the needs of those seeking advanced training in coaching the developing athlete. The program supports youth, middle and high school coaches as they face challenges ranging from introducing the sport to novices to the unique concerns associated with preparing young elite athletes striving for spots on the podium at state, national, and international championships. Anyone attending the USATF Level 2 School for the first time is required to register as a first time participant. This group reviews online sports science content and are tested on this content prior to arrival. Alumni have previously taken the Level 2 Course and are returning to review an additional event area. Alumni are not required to review the Sports Science content. The ITC is a program for coaches who want to become Level 1 Instructors.

The course has very specific requirements and cannot be completed by first time participants. The ITC course takes place the first two days of the Level 2 Program. Alum classification is for coaches who want to take the ITC course and study an event group. The ITC course is held Monday- Tuesday and the event specific instruction follows. Please review the course requirements prior to applying. Visit the ITC page for course requirements and detailed course information. It is recommended that first-time Level 2 participants select the event group in which they feel most competent.

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